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Woman sipping a cup of tea

What Does CBD Tea Do to You?


Are you one of those that prefer tea to other beverages? Well, you may be interested in CBD tea and the feeling and benefits that comes along with it. However, before trying it, it would be very normal to question, what does CBD tea do to you?

What Does CBD Tea Do to You?

CBD tea will help you regulate and treat several conditions including:

  • Seizures
  • Depression
  • Inflammation
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle disorders
    Teapot with a cup of CBD tea
  • Additionally, the majority of those who have tried CBD tea have reported reduced stress and anxiety, as well as pain alleviation. These effects produce a feeling of relaxation that helps with regulating sleep patterns.

    What Is CBD Tea?

    CBD tea is a blend of tea leaves and CBD oil. In its oil form, CBD is said to contain many benefits.

    Manufacturers have simplified the process of making a bioavailable cup of CBD tea for you to enjoy. This has been made possible by availing CBD tea bags that are easy to use. Manufacturers may also blend their CBD tea bags with other ingredients.

    It is now upon the consumer to check the product label for such information when making a buy.

    Health Benefits of CBD Tea

    Tea and CBD are a fantastic match because the caffeine in the tea counteracts cannabidiol's slight sedative impact. This allows you to get the full benefits of its potential. Research has shown evidence that CBD tea may be beneficial for:

    • Relieving pain 
    • Easing asthma symptoms
    • Alleviating chronic pain
    • Soothing stomach upset
    • Reducing anxiety 
    • Aiding sleep disturbances

    If you are experiencing any of these, a cup of CBD tea could come in handy. Depending on what and when you ate your previous meal, the beneficial benefits could take anywhere from ten minutes to several hours to kick in.

    CBD oil being infused with a cup of tea

    How to Make CBD Tea

    Companies have made a variety of tea bag brands for making homemade CBD tea. Using the ready-made tea bags is rather simple. Now let’s go through the process to prepare:

    1. Place the CBD tea bag into a mug
    2. Fill with hot water and let it steep for 3-5 minutes
    3. Remove the teabag
    4. Add sugar, cream, or honey to taste; stir
    5. Enjoy!

    Easy right? If you’re interested in making CBD tea with the concentration of your own liking, CBD oil is a good alternative. Going for quality CBD products such as our CBD Kona blend coffee and sample blends that is tested and approved by scientists would be recommended.

    How to Prepare CBD Tea Using CBD Oil

    Oil is generally insoluble in water. A water-based CBD oil will suffice and will be utilized in an intended manner once stirred. To make this tea, you will need to include any form of fat you'd like from coconut milk and coconut oil to butter.

    The presence of fats will bring about increased CBD oil solubility and improve absorption rates in the body. Prepare it as follows:

    1. Put boiled water in a cup
    2. Add tea leaves
    3. Allow steeping for 3-5 minutes
    4. Add a few drops of CBD oil
    5. Stir well and enjoy!

    The amount of CBD oil and dosage varies from person to person. The concentration in your tea will depend on your previous experience with CBD and your personal preferences. The average person will aim for 5–50mg of CBD per cup.

    Woman sipping a cup of tea

    CBD Tea Variations

    Tea comes in various flavors of which you can use to prepare your CBD tea. Here as some of the varieties, you can try:

    • Ginger tea
    • Green tea
    • Hibiscus tea
    • Chamomile tea
    • Peppermint tea

    These and many more flavors come with different potential health benefits. For best results, using organic and natural ingredients is recommended.

    Related Questions

    Does CBD Tea Get You High?

    Despite the fact that CBD is derived from cannabis plants, CBD tea does not cause intoxication. It does not have the same stimulating effect as cannabis. 

    How Much CBD Tea Should I Drink?

    CBD tea should be taken in moderation. Many people will drink two to three cups of tea per day to enjoy the benefits. The amount taken will tend to depend on the concentration of CBD in the tea.


    Once you've decided to include CBD in your diet to improve your health and well-being, you'll want to make sure your investment pays off. Make yourself a cup of hot CBD tea and relax while reaping the CBD benefits.