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CBD infused coffee

Why CBD Coffee?


CBD coffee has been growing in popularity these days. If you’re still hesitant about taking one yet you’re curious about it, we’ll show you why CBD coffee is growing in popularity these days and why you should try it. 

Why CBD Coffee? 

You should try CBD coffee because it combines both the benefits of CBD and coffee. What’s more, the effects of CBD can counteract the negative side effects of coffee. Some people also have reported having positive benefits after taking CBD coffee. 

Coffee beans in a cup

CBD coffee is a growing industry. While it’s not medically approved by the FDA, it is still allowed under federal law. Some doctors even recommend taking CBD coffee. The World Health Organization even recognized CBD as safe to use. 

CBD coffee is a great way of taking your daily dose of CBD, you combine the flavor of the coffee to mask away from the grassy taste of CBD. studies and research are also slowly progressing forward positively for CBD and CBD coffee. 

Benefits of Drinking CBD Coffee

While CBD is yet to be medically approved by the FDA. Let's see what research and studies have shown thus far. Below are some of the most notable benefits you get from taking CBD coffee. 

Enhances Mental Alertness

CBD can make you feel alert by activating your neurons in the hypothalamus and dorsal raphe nucleus. Caffeine also gives you a feeling of alertness by interacting with some neurotransmitters. 

CBD has also been found to act as a positive compound and as a wakefulness-promoting agent, contrary to popular belief CBD doesn't make you groggy. In larger doses, CBD can help you get good quality sleep. It is still unknown how or what mechanisms by which CBD regulates sleep. 

Caffeine on the other hand blocks adenosine which makes us feel tired and tells our body to rest. By blocking these receptors, our body won’t feel sluggish or tired. Still, further research needs to be done to confirm exactly how CBD has the same induced caffeine alertness. 

Helps With Anxiety Side Effects

CBD has been shown to decrease anxiety or have no effect at all even at a higher dosage. Hence, it may be better to consult with your doctor if you plan to use CBD coffee for your anxiety. 

CBD infused coffee

CBD coffee also has effects that can be associated with decreasing anxiety. This includes:

  • Increase GABA activity which leads to the relaxation in most areas of your nervous system 
  • Regulates hypothalamic function which controls our stress response found in our brain
  • Relaxes your muscles which eases the tension induced by anxiety
  • Stops inflammation in our brain which can also cause anxiety

While not directly related to decreasing anxiety, CBD helps alleviate symptoms that are related to anxiety. Further research is still required to test the effectiveness of CBD for treating anxiety and other psychoactive disorders. 

Improves Brain Function

Coffee contains caffeine which has a lot of antioxidants. Antioxidants help cleanse your brain of free radicals and improve your brain function. How does CBD fit into this? While coffee helps cleanse and fight off free radicals, CBD helps preserve the brain cells by increasing cell regeneration. 

CBD coffee is a great combination for brain function indeed. Both CBD and caffeine regulate inflammation which can happen a lot in the brain. CBD coffee may help preserve brain function by aiding with inflammation. 

Person adding CBD oil in their coffee

What Is CBD Coffee?

CBD coffee is a coffee-infused or added CBD extract. CBD coffee usually comes in different types. These include:

  • Brewed CBD-infused coffee
  • Adding CBD oil or tincture in coffee
  • Using hemp powder with coffee
  • Mixing coffee with CBD honey

CBD coffee can be served as espresso, cold brew, latte, and other types of coffee. CBD extract can serve as an add-on ingredient for you to make CBD coffee.

Related Questions

Does CBD Coffee Help You Lose Weight?

CBD does not help you lose weight. Even though studies show beneficial effects of CBD on appetite and weight loss, it still does not directly help you lose weight. You might even gain weight since CBD has also been shown to increase your appetite.  

What Do CBD Drinks Do For You?

CBD-infused drinks are mostly taken to help alleviate symptoms of some medical conditions. In fact, around 62% of CBD users use CBD products to help with their medical conditions. While the FDA has not recognized it yet, people still use it to help with their medical condition. 


CBD coffee is a great alternative to your regular coffee. It combines both benefits from CBD and coffee. While it does have some positive benefits backed by research, make sure you consult with your doctors first to check if you can drink CBD coffee.