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Man feeling groggy after sleeping

Does CBD Make You Groggy in the Morning?


CBD is used by people for treating a lot of different things. One of them is to get an effective good night's sleep. If you’re one of the people having trouble getting a good night's rest, you’re probably wondering if CBD makes you groggy in the morning. 

Does CBD Make You Groggy in the Morning? 

CBD does not make you feel groggy or tired in the morning. It works differently than sleep aids. CBD helps you fall asleep by restoring your circadian rhythm instead of artificially inducing tiredness to get you to sleep.  

The effects of CBD only actively last for around seven to eight hours. Hence, you shouldn’t feel any after-effects if you sleep for eight hours. It rarely happens that you get less than seven hours of sleep when taking CBD. 

Hand lifting a dropper from a CBD oil bottle

If you’re unsure if you should take CBD to help you sleep at night, consult your doctor first. Normally, it’s safe to take CBD. If you notice anything different with your body, consult a doctor. You might have some underlying condition that is triggered by CBD. 

How CBD Affects Your Body

CBD gets into your body and is then received by Endocannabinoid receptors all over your body. These receptors are part of a larger system in your body called the Endocannabinoid System or ECS. ECS is responsible for bodily functions which include:

  • Pain response
  • Sleep
  • Homeostasis
  • Mood
  • Appetite
  • Memory
  • Reproduction and fertility

CBD and your ECS work together to increase your body’s Anandamide and 2AG in your body. These compounds are related to relaxation and your natural sleep pattern or circadian rhythm. 

CBD works by naturally restoring your body’s rhythm of tiredness and alertness. It does not add foreign sedating chemicals into your body to induce sleep. 

CBD and Sleep

A study done by Project CBD tested around 3,500 respondents who are taking CBD for sleeping. Before taking CBD, the respondents reported being in bed for an average of 62 minutes before they fall asleep. 

After taking CBD, the average time for falling asleep dropped to 20 minutes. There was also a significant decrease in wake-up times during the night. Before taking CBD, respondents would wake up on average 4.3 times a night. After taking CBD, the numbers reduce to only 1.4 times a night. 

When we focus on only sleep patterns, CBD has a significant positive effect on our bodies. Your sleep pattern and quality of sleep are significantly improved and will help your body recover. CBD is even found to improve your REM cycles

Man feeling groggy after sleeping

CBD vs Sleep Aids

Comparing CBD versus sleep aids is pretty distinct. As mentioned before, CBD naturally regulates your circadian rhythm back to normal while sleep aids induce sleepiness by targeting your GABA receptors. 

Sleep aids also have their own side effects. The most notable one is being dependent on it. Sleep aids can be addictive. Sleep aids also have after-effects in the morning like feeling groggy, dizzy, and muddled thinking. 

Other side effects of sleep aids include:

  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Dry mouth
  • Headaches
  • Muscle weakness
  • Digestive problems may include gas, heartburn, and nausea. 

What Happens After Taking CBD?

Since CBD active effects only last for seven to eight hours, you won’t notice some of it when you are using it to sleep. Some side effects may include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Low blood pressure
  • Lightheadedness
  • Drowsiness

Be careful of taking high doses of CBD since it can potentially injure your liver. Like with anything you ingest, make sure to take CBD in moderation and purchase high quality CBD products.

Alertness and CBD

While CBD regulates circadian rhythm, it also improves your alertness and focus in small doses. This may be contrasting however, it’s only when the dosage is small. Hence, some people take them to keep them awake

Cup of CBD coffee

People often even drink CBD-infused coffee to keep themselves alert. CBD-infused coffee is different from your regular coffee. The CBD helps reduce the side effects of caffeine like jitters, rapid heartbeat, digestive issues, and anxiety. CBD also makes you feel calm and relaxed, hence why people prefer CBD coffee over regular coffee. 

At higher doses, CBD may be sedating. Make sure to consult with your doctor the right amount of dosage for a healthy sleep experience. 

Related Questions

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

CBD lasts in your system depending on what form it is. CBD oil can last in your body for around five hours. CBD capsules or gummies may last in your system for around seven to eight hours. The least time is in the form of vape which is only about one to two hours. 

How Long Does CBD Fatigue Last?

CBD fatigue lasts for around two to three weeks before your body gets used to it. CBD relaxes your muscles and relieves pain. Hence, you will feel relaxed and tired when taking it. 

Is CBD Supposed to Make You Sleepy?

CBD delivers a sedative effect on your body and regulates your circadian rhythm. However, CBD does not make you sleepy. It will only help regulate your body and help fight symptoms of insomnia. 


Before deciding on getting CBD for your sleep problems, make sure to consult with your doctor first. Get the right dosage so that you get the healthy amount for a good night’s sleep. CBD is a natural way for us to properly get a good rest at night.