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Coffee beans with a marijuana leaf

Is CBD Coffee Legal?


CBD is a growing industry known for helping with various types of sickness. Since CBD has a wide use of application, many wonder to what extent is CBD legal? One application we’re going to focus on is CBD coffee and answer the question: is CBD coffee legal?

Is CBD Coffee Legal?

As long as the THC content is less than 0.03 percent, hemp-based CBD coffee is legal across the country. However, some states may impose some restrictions or even ban it wholly. Hence, make sure to check on State laws when you plan to bring some CBD coffee with you. 

CBD oil, capsules and grains

FDA does not support CBD products except for one that is a prescription drug for treating seizures. Still, CBD products are legal in most states. However, they are not approved by the FDA. Therefore, any claim of medical or dietary supplement can be misleading and false. 

However, this does not shy away people from claiming CBD coffee’s effects on them. While the FDA still does not approve CBD products, various research has pointed towards a positive direction.  

Is CBD Coffee Safe?

If we’re taking the FDA stance, then the answer is no. The FDA is concerned about CBD’s long term effects. However, hemp and marijuana has been used for a long time and the CBD industry has been around for a long time too and there have been no major side effects. 

However, you also have to make sure that you are taking the recommended dosage and not over-consume CBD coffee. CBD is by no means a medical cure, it only helps with relieving some symptoms of a lot of sickness and pain. 

If a CBD manufacturer claims their products are medically approved then chances are they are a shady CBD company and should be avoided. 

The Legality of CBD in the Different States

The legality of marijuana varies in different states and this also applies to CBD. Below is a list of the states in the U.S.A and their CBD legal status.

Coffee beans in a cup
  • States where it’s fully legal: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, 
  • States where it’s restricted: Alabama, Georgia,
  • Alabama - Restricted
  • Alaska - Fully Legal
  • Arizona - Fully Legal
  • Arkansas - Fully Legal
  • California - Fully Legal
  • Colorado - Fully Legal
  • Connecticut - Fully Legal
  • Delaware - Fully Legal
  • Florida - Fully Legal
  • Georgia - Restricted
  • Hawaii - Fully Legal
  • Idaho - Fully Illegal
  • Illinois - Fully Legal
  • Indiana - Restricted
  • Iowa - Restricted
  • Kansas - Restricted
  • Kentucky - Restricted
  • Louisiana - Fully Legal
  • Maine - Fully Legal
  • Maryland - Fully Legal
  • Massachusetts - Fully Legal
  • Michigan - Fully Legal
  • Minnesota - Fully Legal
  • Mississippi - Restricted
  • Missouri - Fully Legal
  • Montana - Fully Legal
  • Nebraska - Fully Illegal
  • Nevada - Fully Legal
  • New Hampshire - Fully Legal
  • New Jersey - Fully Legal
  • New Mexico - Fully Legal
  • New York - Fully Legal
  • North Carolina - Restricted
  • North Dakota - Fully Legal
  • Ohio - Fully Legal
  • Oklahoma - Fully Legal
  • Oregon - Fully Legal
  • Pennsylvania - Fully Legal
  • Rhode Island - Fully Legal
  • South Carolina - Restricted
  • South Dakota - Fully Illegal
  • Tennessee - Restricted
  • Texas - Restricted
  • Utah - Fully Legal
  • Vermont - Fully Legal
  • Virginia - Restricted
  • Washington - Fully Legal
  • West Virginia - Fully Legal
  • Wisconsin - Restricted
  • Wyoming - Restricted

You also have to take note of THC levels. Some states only allow CBD with zero THC and are extracted from mature stalks of the hemp like Idaho. Other states like Tennessee allow CBD products to contain 0.6% THC. 

Types of CBD Coffee

CBD coffee can also vary depending on what CBD is infused. Different infusions of CBD can have different effects and flavor. 

  • Full-spectrum CBD - contains the full components of the extracted hemp plant and that includes CBD. However, it may also contain some small traces of THC and terpenes. 
  • Broad-spectrum CBD - also includes all components of the hemp plant except for THC.
  • CBD isolate - only contains CBD and no other components. You generally can pass a drug test if you drink CBD coffee infused with CBD isolate since most drug tests only check for THC. 
Coffee beans with a marijuana leaf

Related Questions

Can You Buy CBD Coffee?

It is okay to buy CBD coffee as long as it falls under the legality of the Federal and State laws. You can buy coffee beans with CBD already or buy CBD oil and add it to your coffee

Why Do CBD Companies Make CBD Food and Drinks?

When the 2018 US Farm Bill was passed and made hemp farming legal (on the condition that plants contain less than 0.3% THC), CBD products  started to grow in various types and that includes food and drinks. 

A lot of people have been looking for natural or herbal remedies for health concerns and CBD happens to fit the bill. Hence CBD companies have tried to fulfill the demands leading to various CBD food and drink products. 

While there has been no support from FDA, people were mostly optimistic about CBD because of its popular claims such as:

  • Helps brain function and increases your focus and productivity
  • Decreases anxiety
  • Makes you feel calm and relaxed
  • Can help with smoking and drug addiction
  • Can help with acne breakouts
  • Reduce soreness in muscles
  • Improves sleep quality

Some of these claims have been further studied like treating anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and addiction. Most have positive results and may hopefully become FDA-approved with further research. 


CBD coffee is legal in the United States, however, some states may have some restrictions or fully banned it. CBD is still a growing industry and has yet to have clinical results and further research for it to be a medically approved product. Therefore any medical claims should not be followed.