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Can CBD Improve Eyesight?


CBD has become a popular treatment for various types of health problems. Some of which are related to the eyes. CBD comes in various forms like CBD oil, eye drops, and other products that claim it can help with eye strain and eye pressure. But can CBD improve eyesight? 

Can CBD Improve Eyesight? 

There is no study or research that has indicated that CBD could be a recommended treatment for improving your eyesight. Most research even resulted in CBD as an ineffective treatment for any ophthalmologic issue

Further research is still required to get anything conclusive. Research about CBD and eyesight are generally mixed. Some have shown positive benefits to eye health while others do not have or have worsened. 

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To be safe, if you have an eye condition that is decreasing your eyesight, it’s better to see an ophthalmologist first before using CBD. CBD might actually worsen your condition since it can sometimes have good or bad effects on the eyes. 

Why Do Some People Use CBD for Eyesight?

People often mistake the effects of CBD and relate it to improving their eyesight. In fact, it does not directly improve eyesight. However, in small doses, it does make you more alert and focus making you think that your eyesight has improved. 

Some studies have shown CBD to prevent cellular degeneration by retinal ischemia. Another study also relates manipulating the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and restoring normal vision. However, it does not include CBD and CBD may have a different effect on the ECS. 

If you don’t have any eye conditions, you can safely take CBD. It is probably best to take CBD infused coffee. Caffeine and CBD (low dosage) can make you alert which relates to improvement in eyesight. CBD infused coffee generally has low CBD dosage and the side effect of rising heart rate (caffeine) evens out with CBD (low blood pressure). 

CBD as an Eye Treatment

According to a study from the American Academy of Ophthalmology, CBD may worsen glaucoma, which is the leading cause of blindness. The study even states that CBD doesn’t lower eye pressure and instead increases it. 

Eye pressure is the primary risk for causing glaucoma. This may confuse people a lot since some people claim marijuana improved their eyesight. While CBD might not be good for your glaucoma, THC has been shown to lower eye pressure. 

However, THC is also an addictive chemical in marijuana and has side effects related to thinking and memory. If you have eye problems, it’s best to stay away from CBD until further studies get a breakthrough. 

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What Is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that leads to loss of vision and blindness. It does so by damaging the optic nerve located in the back of your eye. The symptoms are slow and it’s hard to notice them. 

So you may be taking CBD whilst not knowing that you are accelerating the development of glaucoma. The only way to detect it is to get a comprehensive dilated eye exam. 

There is no cure for Glaucoma. However, early detection and treatment can prevent the damage and protect your eyesight. 

Can You Treat Glaucoma With CBD?

If you have Glaucoma, it cannot be treated with CBD. Even if marijuana has positive benefits, it’s not sustainable. Eye pressure must be managed 24 hours every day if you want to treat glaucoma effectively. Hence, it’s not efficient to use CBD. 

You would need to take about 18 to 20 mg of THC six to eight times a day in order to have a significant and consistent reduction in your eye pressure. Taking in that large amount of cannabis will have significant side effects. It may include:

  • Mood changes
  • Mental clarity
  • Lung health
  • Everyday life (driving, operating equipment, and other daily activities)

Should you even try it knowing the side effects, the cost of consuming medical marijuana every three to four hours every day would be very expensive. Hence, it is not an appealing way for treating glaucoma. 

How CBD May Affect the Optic Nerve

It is not yet clear how CBD affects eye pressure and glaucoma. It may even be possible that your vision could worsen if you use CBD for treatment in the long term. 

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It’s not only high eye pressure that contributes to the damage of the optic nerve. Low blood flow also contributes to it. Unfortunately, CBD has a calming effect in your heart rate, and it can also lower blood pressure throughout the body which might result in the optic nerve getting lower blood flow. 

Hence, we recommend you do not use CBD if you have glaucoma or are experiencing symptoms related to glaucoma. 

Related Questions

Does CBD Make Your Vision Blurry?

Since CBD is also attributed to vision loss, it may also cause your vision to go blurry when consumed in high dosage. Hence, when taking CBD products, make sure to note the changes in your body and go see a doctor if something’s not right. 

How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System?

CBD usually lasts two to five days in your system. In some people, it may last for weeks. This depends on several factors. 


If you’re looking to improve your eyesight, CBD is not the solution for you. Even worse if you have glaucoma, you should stop taking CBD immediately. If you happen to experience eye problems while taking CBD, better consult a doctor.