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Does CBD Affect Heart Rate?


Cardiovascular diseases are one of the leading causes of mortality. Most of these are chronic. A high heart rate is not good when it comes to heart conditions. If you want to know “does CBD affect heart rate”, this article will try to answer it. 

Does CBD Affect Heart Rate?

CBD does not seem to have an effect on heart rate or blood pressure at rest. However, it reduces the response of the cardiovascular system to stress. If there are any effects of CBD on the heart, they are usually mild. 

In a study of CBD however, there are noticeable protective effects of CBD against effects of cardiac ischemia and reperfusion and heart problems related to diabetes. Further study needs to be done since it was only done with animals. If you’re unsure, consult a doctor and see what CBD is best for you and your heart condition. 

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Effect of CBD on Your Heart Rate

The most positive effect CBD has on your heart rate is its interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). ECS is responsible for neurotransmitters all over our body and controls things such as mood, inflammatory response, blood pressure, and other functions. 

While it also affects your heart rate, it is mild. The significant benefit of CBD on your heart health is how it alters inflammatory response. It also prevents the formation of plaques and protects your cardiovascular system. 

A study done by CARDIA (Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults) found CBD appears to be safe for heart health. In short, it is generally safe to take CBD without worrying about side effects on your heart. 

How CBD Affects Your Heart Rate

CBD has a mild calming effect on your heart. Since it lowers blood pressure, it also slows down your heart rate. This can be beneficial for people with hypertension or at risk of heart attack. It also slows down the metabolic rate in the heart muscles. 

However, CBD only has mild effects and should not be considered as a treatment for such conditions. There are no further studies in relation to heart rate and CBD. However, most studies have shown CBD has a calming effect on the heart. 

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CBD Infused Coffee and Heart Rate

Because of CBD, some people can now enjoy coffee without worrying about caffeine side effects. CBD helps balance out the side effects of caffeine like rapid heartbeat, anxiety, and restlessness. Hence why CBD infused coffees are popular right now

You get both the health benefits from both coffee and CBD while also reducing their side effects. People usually drink CBD-infused coffee for anxiety and pain relief.

Variables in Heart Rate and CBD

There are different variables when it comes to heart rate. Your resting heart rate is different from the heart rate when you are under stress whether it be physical or emotional stress and taking caffeine can raise your heart rate. CBD may also vary among individuals and dosage amounts. 

Since CBD contains a calming effect, it may have some indirect benefits to your heart health. It may lower a fast heart rate because it can reduce anxiety response.  

Hence, CBD may be used for some heart conditions such as:

  • Heart arrhythmia
  • Irregular heartbeats
  • Heart palpitations

These heart problems are generally caused by fast heart rate or irregular beating. Although the effects of CBD would be mild, it is still positive in effect. Since it also has mild effects, you can take it regularly or without having to consult a doctor. (consult a doctor if you notice some negative side-effects)

CBD and Heart Conditions

Some heart conditions that you may also want to consider taking CBD for are: 

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  • Hypertension: CBD in general, reduces blood pressure. The lowering of blood pressure is generally mild when taken with the recommended dosage of below 70 mg per day. 
  • Heart rate control: the effect of CBD may vary depending on dosage amount. It  has a calming effect when taken below 70 mg per day. In a significant high dosage of 600 mg, it will cause your heart rate to increase. 
  • Myocardial infarction: generally reduces inflammation and improves blood flow resulting in improved cardiac function. It may also reduce episodes of cardiac pain. 

Related Questions

Can CBD Increase Heart Rate?

CBD can increase your heart rate but not generally. CBD may cause sympatho inhibition which prevents an increase in blood pressure and cardiac output. This causes a compensatory rise in your heart rate in order for the body to maintain its cardiac output. 

Can CBD Cause Bradycardia?

There is no research or studies that have shown CBD can cause bradycardia. Since CBD is a  fairly new industry  and only recently legalized in certain places, more time is required to do some significant research

Can CBD Cause Panic Attacks?

CBD won’t cause panic attacks and instead have relieving effects on anxiety. However, CBD is different from marijuana. Cannabis-induced anxiety might take the form of a panic attack. 


CBD generally has a mild effect on your heart rate and heart health. Hence, it can be used by some people with heart conditions. It may even have beneficial effects to the heart when taken. Make sure you take CBD and not marijuana which has different properties.