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Muslim woman drinking her halal CBD coffee with a friend

Is CBD Coffee Halal?


As the popularity of CBD and CBD coffee grows, so does the curiosity of various people all over the world. Among them is the Islamic community. Since CBD is often associated to marijuana, it is often debated by Islamic scholars. Is CBD coffee halal? Or is it against the teachings of Qur’an?

Is CBD Coffee Halal?

Most Islamic scholars believe that CBD coffee is halal. However, there is a prerequisite that needs to be met to ensure that CBD coffee is halal. The CBD coffee should not have intoxicating effects. That means CBD coffee should not contain any THC or only a small amount of it for it to be considered halal. 

CBD coffee

Another exception for taking CBD coffee that can cause intoxication is when you’ve no other alternative for an effective medicine. While CBD coffee is still not approved by the FDA, CBD has various research and studies that show CBD’s benefits and effects. 

In order to be sure, you can consult with a Muslim doctor of good character or a doctor of similar experience to help you with your medical options. Doctors can help recommend a CBD coffee product that has no intoxicating effect. 

What Is CBD Coffee and What’s in it?

CBD coffee is simply coffee infused with CBD. Coffee is considered halal while CBD is conditional. CBD is a compound that is extracted from cannabis plants. Naturally, the first impression for CBD would be that it will make you “high” which is haram. 

However, CBD is not the compound that’s responsible for making you “high”. It is THC which is also extracted from cannabis that makes you “high”. Hence, the need to know how much THC a CBD coffee product has to ensure it’s halal. 

Aside from that, there are no other components of CBD that can be against the teachings of Islam. In fact, CBD has various possible health benefits, such as improved eyesight and better brain function, that can help Muslims who can’t afford expensive healthcare and medicine. 

What to Do If You’re Unsure?

If you are unsure or doubtful if a CBD coffee does not contain THC, it’s better that you don’t drink it. You should do your thorough research on certain CBD coffee products and ask local scholars to check if it’s okay. 

Muslim woman drinking her halal CBD coffee with a friend

Look for reputable and popular CBD companies. They usually market as THC free and show lab reports to assure you of their product quality. A sure guess for a THC free CBD is getting CBD coffee that uses CBD isolate. CBD isolate is purely extracted CBD and no other compounds are combined with it. This means that there is no risk of intoxication so it is halal. 

Are There Types of CBD Coffee That is Haram?

To ensure that you are taking halal CBD coffee, make sure that you get one that is lab-tested. This allows you to see reports on what ingredients are in the CBD coffee. This will contain the information you need to check for THC and solvents. 

We recommend getting premium CBD coffee if you can since they generally have all the necessary labels for you to check on like the ingredients and recommended dosage. If they don’t provide such information, then it’s better not to drink since you also can’t rely on local or community information accurately. 

If you want CBD coffee that does not have THC at all, refer to the types of CBD and how much THC they contain:

  • Full-spectrum CBD: retains all components of the cannabis plant which also includes a small amount of THC. If you want to drink CBD coffee with no THC at all, don’t go for CBD coffee products that use this type of CBD. 
  • Broad-spectrum CBD: it also retains all components of the cannabis plant without the THC. This means it is surely halal and can be taken. 
  • CBD isolate: the purest form of CBD that has no other components from cannabis plants. It has no THC at all so it is guaranteed halal. 

What About Other Types of CBD Products?

If CBD coffee is not for you, there are also other ways you can take CBD. However, you still also have to make sure they are halal. Below are some of the other common CBD products and let’s see if they are halal. 

Coffee beans

CBD Oil 

For most CBD oils, they are halal. CBD oils are extracted from hemp and usually contain CBD that is halal. There are different types of CBD oil with different contents of THC. Don’t worry, as with Federal law, legal CBD products need to only have 0.3% THC. 

That amount of THC is not enough and traces of it won’t be noticeable and have no effect. Still, you have the option of getting purely CBD and no THC with your CBD oil. You can even use CBD oil for making CBD coffee

CBD Vape

CBD vape is considered haram for Muslims since most Islamic scholars believe it contains nicotine and other toxic substances. While there are CBD vapes with no nicotine, it is still considered haram since it is like imitating people who smoke. 

Related Questions

Is CBD Legal in Dubai?

From a news article published by the Dubai Municipality in January 2019, the sale and purchase of hemp seed oil is legal. Hemp seed oil is used in cosmetics and health care products in the UAE. It's also allowed to use cannabis for medical purposes only as long as it’s prescribed by a licensed physician in UAE. 

Is CBD Drink Halal?

Most CBD drinks are considered halal by Muslim scholars. As long as the ingredients are clearly stated and are free of any toxins and THC then it is halal. 


CBD coffee is generally halal as long as it comes from a reputable CBD company that is transparent with how their CBD is made. Be wary of shady CBD companies that might use CBD with THC that is over 0.3% which is considered haram.