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Woman holding a cup of CBD coffee while suffering from head pains

CBD Coffee for Chronic Pain


CBD is a growing industry and continues to expand in almost any type of products. One of them is coffee. Coffee isn’t really known for helping with chronic pain. However, CBD coffee for chronic pain may be effective. Let’s take a look at some of the studies. 

CBD Coffee for Chronic Pain

CBD is popularly known to treat or help with a variety of illnesses. One of them is chronic pain. However, mixing CBD and coffee, people will tend to think the effectiveness will be gone or decrease. That’s not the case. 

Man suffering from chronic leg pain

CBD is a chemical so it will mix fine with coffee. Most people drink CBD coffee to help with relieving pain and relaxation. A lot of them have reported for it to be effective. 

However, does it really help with chronic pain? There’s a difference between perceived feeling relief and the mechanisms in your body that actually help you feel relief. Hence, it’s important to take a look at scientific research and what it has to say. 

What Studies Show

  • A study in 2020 concluded that CBD can be an alternative for treating chronic pain when a person cannot take primary treatment or is not enough. This is a great thing for people who cannot afford maintenance medication. Some people might just want to add CBD for relieving chronic pain. However, do note that CBD is not yet approved as a medicinal treatment for chronic pain by the Food and Drug Administration. There is one CBD product that is approved by the FDA and that is Epidiolex which is a prescription oil to treat two types of epilepsy. 
  • A study regarding cannabis and inflammatory bowel disease found that CBD does not help with relieving pain from Crohn's disease.
  • A study in 2018 showed CBD was effective for treating chronic pain associated with kidney transplantation. It was topically given for those experiencing peripheral neuropathy of their lower extremities. Hence, effectiveness for treating chronic pain isn’t only limited to ingesting CBD. Other types of application can be effective too as well. 
  • For patients suffering from fibromyalgia, CBD helped decrease by 30%  more compared to patients treated with placebo.
  • For generalized chronic pain, research found that CBD treatment did not significantly reduce measures of pain. However, a noticeable consistent improvement in quality of life and quality of sleep as reported by patients. 
  • Another study in New Zealand regarding safety of CBD treatment among 400 non-cancer chronic pain patients showed CBD safe for prolonged use. The patients also reported improvements in pain relief and quality of life. 
  • CBD was found to effectively reduce the mean pain scores in chronic pain patients with multiple sclerosis. There’s also an improvement in neuro physical measurements with response to stimuli, reduced intractable chronic pain in advanced cancer, and improved pain relief after a failed spinal cord surgery
Woman holding a cup of CBD coffee while suffering from head pains

It’s clearly shown that there are significant  results  in research and studies that show CBD helped with most chronic pain. However, the FDA has yet to approve any CBD products for medical use. The reason why still remains a mystery. 

Nonetheless people still take CBD for chronic pain. If you plan on taking one for your chronic pain, then make sure that you consult with a doctor to ensure that it’s safe for you to take. CBD  may not be compatible with you based on your medical condition and prescription medications.   

CBD Coffee Becoming Popular for Treating Chronic Pain

In the past few years, CBD has become a popular product for people dealing with chronic pain. CBD has already been used for  thousands of years as treatment for ailment just not the form we see today. 

People who are on the go generally like to take their CBD along with their coffee. Hence, the rise of CBD coffee popularity for chronic pain. Especially when they are going to work and don’t want to get late just to prepare or apply CBD. 

Most people drink CBD coffee for improved brain function, arthritis pain, muscle spasms, and chronic pain. You can also take CBD in different applications. CBD coffee is a great option for an easy drink and never needing to apply some lotion or oil.  

What Is CBD Coffee?

CBD coffee is simply coffee infused with CBD. The methods may vary for mixing both CBD and coffee. Some even mix them for better quality and aroma. CBD coffee is a great stimulant that will help start your day.  

Woman sitting comfortably in a sofa while drinking CBD coffee

If you want to make CBD coffee yourself, you can try the following options:

  • Add a few drops of CBD oil to your morning coffee. This usually doesn’t mix well and you may get the grassy aftertaste of CBD. 
  • Buy CBD powder which can dissolve better and is tasteless. You can easily brew your coffee and add some CBD powder to make your CBD coffee. 
  • Buy CBD infused coffee where the coffee grounds are already mixed with CBD. this option is the most consistent among the three since you will always have the same amount of CBD for each cup. There are also sample sizes you can try.

Health Benefits of CBD Coffee

Aside from chronic pain, there are other benefits from drinking CBD coffee. This includes:

  • Improve sleep quality and rest: Contrary to popular belief CBD coffee doesn't make you groggy in the morning since CBD helps you relax, it will also make it easier for you to fall asleep and get some well needed rest. However, don’t drink CBD coffee at night, it still contains caffeine that’s a stimulant to the body. 
  • May relieve symptoms of depression: CBD coffee can help relieve some symptoms from depression and anxiety so you have a better mood. While there is still ongoing research on it, it does appear that CBD have some benefits for dealing with depression and anxiety. 


We’ve found out that CBD coffee can be used for relieving chronic pain. We also found out that CBD coffee cannot help relieve all kinds of chronic pain. With all the research and data available, it is still a wonder why the FDA has not approved CBD for treating chronic pain.